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If you have any questions or need any help publishing your book, call Ardith toll-free at 1-877-288-0114

Frequently Asked Questions About Book Publishing

If you can't find the question or answer you're looking for simply give us a call at 1-877-288-0114.

• Is the process of getting a book published difficult?
Getting a book published doesn’t have to be difficult; it can be quite simple. At Ardith we have more than 25 years of experience in professional book publishing, and our staff offers unparalleled customer service and support, creative ability, technical knowledge, and the highest quality book printing and binding—all at an affordable price.

• How long have you been in business?
Although Ardith is relatively new to self-publishing, our staff have been professional book publishers for more than 25 years. Over the years we have seen the value of self-publishing in the book business, and we want to offer our authors the same professional-quality services enjoyed by authors publishing with traditional publishing houses.

• Where are you located?
We are at 520 Princess Avenue, London, Ontario, Canada, N6B 2B8. Our telephone number is toll-free 1-877-288-0114, and email can be sent to info@ardith.ca.

• May I visit you?
You can call and arrange a time to visit, but we have set up our website so that our customers can publish their book quickly and affordably from wherever they are.

• Is Ardith a publisher?
No. We provide services to self-publishers.

• What is a publishing services provider?
A publishing services provider allows you to publish your book. You are the publisher. We provide the support and technology necessary to produce your book. Acting as a "back office," our staff handles the design, layout, and printing of your book.

• Is this vanity publishing?
No. Vanity publishers will charge you thousands of dollars to print thousands of books they will not help you sell. Ardith does not require you to purchase any books. Also, since vanity publishers use the printing technology of traditional publishers, their costs are inherently high. Ardith uses modern computer technology to keep costs down, freeing up resources to provide a wide array of ongoing services. Vanity publishers provide a one-time service.

• What does Ardith do that a vanity publisher does not?
The people at Ardith are professionals from the traditional book publishing business and will share their experience and expertise with authors so that they have the best opportunity to create a quality book.

• What is print-on-demand publishing?
“Print-on-demand” means exactly what it implies: We print books as they are ordered. We use modern technology to store and print your book in electronic form, removing the need for a warehouse and large print runs. This method reduces two of the greatest costs in publishing, allowing more authors to publish and to have their books remain in print forever.

• How do you make money?
We only charge for services we provide to authors and book sales made through Ardith.

Our Self Publishing Services

• Do I have to buy any copies of my book?
No. You never have to buy a single copy of your book. You can simply list your book in our bookstore and tell your readers where to purchase copies.

• How does the "Additional Services" list work?
Ardith has designed service packages to make your choices easier and to include everything most authors should need. In some cases, however, you may wish to add a feature that is not found in one of the packages. Simply indicate the service you wish to use, and add an element from the services list. For example, you may like the Self Publishing Package but need more work done. Order the Self Publishing Package and then add any of the additional services you require.

• Should I pay for corrections when I submit my manuscript?
No book is perfect, but by proofreading your book before submission, you will catch most of the typos and errors. Any formatting errors introduced by Ardith are corrected at the proof stage, free of charge. If, after you review your first proofs, you discover errors or wish to make a change, you may order the Corrections Service at any time.

• Will my book have an ISBN?
Yes, your book will be assigned the International Standard Book Number required by book sales channels to track and order your books. In addition, Ardith will place a machine-readable Bookland/EAN barcode on your book's cover.

• What will my layout be like?
Your layout will depend on the service you choose and the options available within that service. (See the descriptions under Ardith's self publishing services.)

• Who designs my cover?
An Ardith designer will design your cover. The amount of control you have over your cover will depend on the service you choose. (See the descriptions under Ardith's self publishing services.)

• What if I need to correct typos that were in my original file?
If you find errors that you did not catch before you submitted, you may submit those corrections after you have seen your proof. Beyond those, or after the galley has been approved, you may still make changes by purchasing the Corrections Service.

• How much will my book sell for?
As the author, you will set the retail price of your book. Ardith's publishing experts will be happy to help you calculate a suitable retail price based on the size and type of book that you are publishing.

• How will readers find my book?
Your book will be listed in Ardith’s online bookstore and major online stores, including Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Borders.com, Indigo.ca (Chapters), and many more. Your book will also be listed in the database of Ingram, the largest U.S. book distributor, so it can be ordered at most bookstores in the U.S. and Canada.

• Will my books be registered for a copyright certificate?
As the author, you automatically have copyright on your work. Any additional copyright registration will have to be done by you.

• Will my book have a Library of Congress Card Catalog Number?
Ardith will register your book with the National Library in Canada. If you wish to have your book catalogued at the U.S. Library of Congress, it will be up to you to do so.

Your Book Your Way

• Once I've published my book with Ardith, who owns the rights?
You do. The rights to your book will always be yours.

• What do you mean by "rights"?
As the author, you own all rights to your book. If you enter into a contract with a traditional book publisher, you are usually required to grant some of those rights to the publisher—usually the right "to print, publish, and sell the work in book form." The author and publisher often share subsidiary or secondary rights. Subsidiary rights comprise every other form of publication—electronic, Braille, translations, audio, film and TV, and so on. This grant of rights may lapse after a book is considered out of print, or at the end of some fixed term.

• Can I still publish my book elsewhere?
Yes. We are a publishing services provider only, so you can publish or sell your book anywhere you wish.

• What would happen if an agent, editor, or publisher saw my book and wanted to publish it?
You are free to enter into any other agreements at any time. Many publishers seek out self publishers with proven sales histories.

• Are there any fees to discontinue my use of Ardith's self publishing services?
There are no fees to discontinue your use of Ardith's self publishing services. As our customer, you only pay for the services we provide.

• Can I come to Ardith when my book goes out of print?
We always welcome all customers and will be happy to get your book back into print.

Ordering Books

• How do you ship?
Canada Post will send shipments weighing less than 100lbs./45kg. Shipments weighing more than that will be sent by another method, to be agreed between Ardith and the customer.

• Will you ship to a post office box?
Ardith will send shipments weighing less than 100lbs./45kg. to a post office box. We cannot ship heavier packages this way.

• How do I check the status of my order?
Simply call us at 1-877-288-0114 or email us at info@ardith.ca and we'll be happy to provide you with an up-to-date progress report.

Submission Process

• Do I supply my own page layout?
You have the choice of doing this yourself or having our designers prepare the page layout for you. Our fee for page layout ranges from $1.50 to $1.95 per page, depending on the complexity of the layout and the package that you select .

• Do you offer book cover design?
Yes. We provide design services by experienced, creative professionals in our packages. If you require the cover design or page layout service on its own, click here to see our list of book design services.

• What is a proof?
A proof is a printout of your book's pages and cover design. The purpose of a proof is to check for errors before the job is printed.

• Do I receive a proof of my book?
Yes. We will provide a proof copy of your book and cover image for your approval.

• How do I submit my finished manuscript for printing?
For complete information on submitting a manuscript, please click here.

• How long does the process take?
Every job is unique, but the process generally takes approximately 3 to 6 weeks.

• Once I've had my book produced, is getting it reprinted difficult?
No. Once your book has been produced, it is stored at our facilities as a digital file. A simple phone call or online order is all it takes to have your book reprinted.

• How much does it cost to produce each book?
The price of producing a book depends on the number of pages and the physical size of the finished book. To obtain an accurate quotation online, please use our online price calculator. Click here for pricing on self publishing services.

• How do I lay out my book pages and cover?
If you are planning to create your own print-ready PDF files for your book pages and book cover, it’s important that your document is properly formatted. The following FAQs will guide you through setting up your manuscript for production and creating print-ready files.

For a small fee, we can format your pages and design your cover for you.

• How big should I make my pages?
Make your pages the same size as your book. For example, if you require a 6"x9" book, set your page size in your word processor to 6"x9".

• How big should my manuscript margins (trim area) be?
Leave at least 0.5" margins on all your pages. You should also have an additional gutter of 0.25” on the spine edge of the page. A gutter provides a little bit of extra margin on the spine edge of your pages, making your book easier to read without putting too much stress on the spine.

This means that all images and text, including headers and footers, have to be within these margins, or they risk being cut in the trimming process.

• How do I create a table of contents?
The ease with which you can create a table of contents will be directly related to how well you know the functions of your word processing program. Microsoft Word, Works, WordPerfect, and OpenOffice all have the capacity to create tables of contents, but some writers still find it easier to create them manually.

Two rules apply to tables of contents, regardless of which software you use.

First, you should give the table of contents page its own title: call it "Contents."

Second, your table of contents page should be located after the copyright page, dedication page, and preface page.

• How should my book start?
Your book should start with a title page, followed by the copyright page. The title page typically includes the book title, subtitle, names of publisher and author. The copyright page must contain "Copyright ©" followed by the year and name of the copyright holder.

Listing the publisher (your name) and printer on the copyright page is standard in the book publishing industry.

• How much bleed should I leave on my pages?
If your manuscript contains bleed, ensure the bleed elements exceed the page size by 0.126”

• How big should I make my cover?
Your cover should contain three elements: “front cover image”, “back cover image,” and “spine.”

When you lay out your cover, it should be twice the width of the finished book, plus the spine.

As an example, if your finished book is 6"x9" and the spine thickness is 0.5", simply double the width of your book and add 0.5". In this example, your cover size would be 12.5”x9".

• How much bleed should I leave on my cover file?
If your cover contains bleed, ensure the bleed elements exceed the trim size by 0.126”.

• How much “trim” should I have on my covers?
Please avoid placing any important elements of your cover design within 1/8” of the edges, as this will accentuate any discrepancies in the trimming alignment.

• How do I calculate the spine size?
The formula for spine thickness with 60lb. paper is (# of pages) X 0.00225".

For example: A 100-page book would have a spine size of 0.225”.

• How do I make my manuscript and cover files into a print-ready PDF?
Now that you've done all this work making your files look great and getting them ready for print, there's one thing left to do: make your native files into a PDF file.

PDF files will overcome many of the traditional problems a printer will face with native files. Native files tend to be large and cumbersome and are often missing fonts or graphics. This creates all sorts of printing problems and delays. PDF files avoid these concerns as they contain all the necessary fonts and graphics, are smaller files, and are platform, application, and device independent.

We highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat to convert your book to a PDF. Acrobat can be purchased from Adobe (www.adobe.com) or any software retailer.

Important Notes:

When providing images use 300 dpi (dots per inch). Lower resolutions, such as the 72 dpi that is standard for images that appear only online, will provide poor quality reproductions. Higher resolutions are automatically reset to 300 dpi.

Select "Always embed all fonts."

After your PDF file is completed, we recommend that you view the file to ensure it is complete and correct in all aspects, and then send it to us for printing.

• My PDF file is low-resolution. How do I fix that?
There are settings within your PDF creation program (e.g. Acrobat Distiller) that determine how much to "downsample" your file for a lower resolution. This feature is handy for website and Internet graphics but is not suitable for printed material. Either use one of Adobe's pre-set settings ("Print" or "Press" work fine), or change the settings yourself within Distiller to downsample NO LOWER THAN 300 dpi for color and grayscale images (photos), NO LOWER THAN 1,200 dpi for monochrome images (line art), and INCLUDE (EMBED) ALL FONTS.

• Which file formats do you accept?
If you are supplying print-ready files, please send all files in PDF format.

If Ardith is handling the layout and/or cover design, we can accept the following formats:

Manuscript Text and Interiors

QuarkXpress, InDesign, MS Word, WordPerfect

Covers and Graphics

QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, EPS, JPEG, TIFF

If possible, please convert your images to CMYK before sending them to us. Any files produced in RGB (red, green, black) format will need to be converted to CMYK for print by us. Sending RGB color graphics will often cause the final color of the printed output to be slightly different than that displayed by your monitor.

Also, please keep in mind that images displayed on your screen have the light behind them and will always appear brighter than those on the printed page.

Please make sure all images are 300 dpi. Please “flatten” or “merge” any files with layers before sending.

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