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The Publishing Process

Below are the typical stages that a book goes through before it reaches readers.

Researching and Writing Books

You’ve got your idea, but you need some help polishing your words. Maybe you want an assistant to do some research for you.

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Book Editing

Make sure your book looks as professional as possible before it hits the bookstore shelves. Our editors will look at plot, continuity, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, making sure your words are working for you and not against you.

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Book Formatting

Image means a lot. How do you want your book to look? How many pages? How big? What do other books in your market look like? All these factors will determine your book’s size and format.

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Book Design

This is where your book is transformed from words on a monitor to a real book. What “font” or type design do you want? What kind of chapter headings? Do you need tables or illustrations? How do you want them to look?

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Book Printing

Traditional book printing presses used to mean that if you wanted to sell books at a reasonable price, you couldn’t print any fewer than 1,500 books at any time. Recent changes in technology now allow self-publishers to produce as few as 5 copies and print additional copies as they are needed.

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Book Marketing

Successful books all have one thing in common: a sales plan. We’ll help you come up with the most efficient and effective way to get your book into your readers’ hands.

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Book Sales and Distribution

In traditional publishing, new books are presented to individual booksellers, chains, and online retailers. Booksellers usually purchase books at a discount of 40 to 50% of the cover price. The books are generally shipped through a book distributor. The bookseller pays the distributor, the distributor pays the publisher, and the publishers pays the writers. With Ardith you can sell your books directly to your readers on your own or through our online bookstore. We can also assist with sales to bookstores and online retailers.

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If you want your book to be available for people to order, you will benefit from some form of “fulfillment” or distribution system. If you just want to sell it yourself, you can skip this step.

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