Clearing the Way

Mark Gasparotto

Clearing the Way: Combat Engineers in Kandahar is the story of the men and women of 23 Field Squadron, who served with the 1st Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group in Kandahar in 2006.

Woodfield Cooks

Ann McColl Lindsay 

and Hazel Desbarats

Welcome to our kitchens in London's historic core. Growing and preparing food has been a Woodfield preoccupation since the founding of this city. 

Stories of the Cree

Xavier Kataquapit

Xavier Kataquapit's stories describe and document lives, traditions and culture of the Cree and First Nation people in general. His unique perspective as an Aboriginal writer presents an informative and educational insight that provides for better understanding across Canada's cultural landscape.


Christopher S. Martinello

Kennaway was one of the original pioneer settlements in Haliburton County, and existed from the 1860's until its final collapse in the 1940's. What caused nineteenth century pioneers to attempt to farm the rocky soils of the Canadian Shield?

Accreditation Helps

Ben Elliott

Ben Elliott, himself an ordained Alliance pastor and missionary, wants to be a part of answering just those kinds of questions. He has prepared this book as a resource to help you understand Alliance theology better (and to help you succeed at your accreditation exam). 

Kooper's Tale

Donna Carol Koffman and Lawrence Segal

A heart warming story of a companion dog to a child with autistism.