One of the significant advantages to self-publishing is that the author controls their books from beginning to end. In traditional publishing, the author may have little or no control over the publication of their book.

But some self-publishers, especially those new to writing, make a mistake assume that because they may not need a traditional publisher, they don’t have to do all the things a traditional publisher does. There is no magic wand. The writer has become the publisher. Now they are responsible for editing, design, production, distribution, marketing, and sales.

Many dismayed authors find that they are spending as much time on their publishing duties as they did on writing their book. I remember a friend describing the endless labour like throwing bricks into the Grand Canyon trying to fill it up. Without marketing, a book isn’t going to sell and it is very different skill set than writing.

We can help either by executing a full marketing campaign for you or just providing a writer with some advice on the next steps.

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