Mitzy was new to self-publishing and didn’t know where to begin.

This is the 21st-century, and self-publishing is the future of publishing. Self-publishing is the entire process involved in printing and selling a book without the traditional publishing company.

Self-publishing has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, because it is so affordable and the technology has made it much easier. In the traditional publishing process, the only job of the writer was to provide the manuscript for publishing, which may be accepted or rejected by the publishing company.

This tremendous growth and increase in self-publishing have made authors and writers all over the world reliant on themselves. They no longer have to depend on publishing houses.

However, I want to let you know that it is not easy to be a self-publisher, as you are performing the functions of the writer and the publisher. In this regard, you have to figure out how to prepare your book for publishing, distribute it, and market it on your own. If you cannot handle all these on your own, you can work with a team handpicked by you. In a nutshell, you can either do it yourself, or work with proofreaders, editors, and designers. Well, you can make me a part of your team, as I specialize in helping people just like you.

I will help guide you all through the processes of self-publishing. 

You need to choose your publishing service company. What is a publishing service company? A publishing service company will help you prepare your book and also reach out to your target audience. They also provide unique services of converting your manuscript to publishing formats. You can also get help to create your book cover design and market your book, to help increase sales and the visibility of your book. 

There are lots of publishing service companies that you can choose from.

Happy publishing!

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