Self-publishing, like any business, has some stumbling blocks you should watch out for.

Contrary to what my mother always said, you must be boastful. You’ll need to learn to toot your own horn. Since you and you alone will have to promote your book, it is up to you to tell anybody and everybody how great it is.

This is an investment in yourself. As in any business, you will require some start-up capital. You need enough money to print the book, send out review copies, follow-up, sustain an advertising campaign, and so forth. The capital you require to start up depends on many variables. How long will your book be? Will it have colour photographs or illustrations inside? Will you layout the book or have it professionally designed and typeset? How many copies will you print? What method will you use to print? What about an e-book or audiobook?

See what I mean? The costs vary greatly. You might be able to cobble together a book on a few hundred dollars where you do most of the work. On the other hand, you could spend $35,000 or more on a hard-cover coffee table book with many colour photographs.

Generally, to produce a professional-quality book traditionally and promote it properly, you’ll be in the range of $2,000 to $25,000 in today’s market. But be warned: Lack of market analysis, careful planning, budgeting, and persistence has caused some people to lose their investments.

It would be best if you were willing to devote a substantial block of time to your publishing project. While this can be spread over a long period, there is no getting around the fact that to have a dynamite book, you must spend much time writing it, revising it, producing it, and promoting it.

Ardith publishing can help you with any stage of your publishing project. Don’t publish alone.

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