Self-publishing can lead to big profits. Traditional book publishers pay authors a meagre 5 to 15 percent royalty, but there is another way—a way to publish your book and make a tidy profit from it. Self-publishing can be the road to independence and profits.

What motivates entrepreneurs to launch their businesses? Most want to be their own bosses. They want personal freedom. Some do it out of necessity during tough economic times. But most people dream of becoming self-employed. You can make that happen.

Becoming a self-publisher also provides tax relief. After forming your own company, you can write off a portion of your home and deduct some expenses related to writing and marketing costs.

Another advantage is that you can do this on a part-time basis while keeping your day job. Why risk your livelihood until you’ve developed your publishing activities?

In self-publishing, you are in charge of every step. You’ll have the cover you like, the font you want, the title you choose, the marketing you decide. Your decisions are final. Nothing is left in the hands of marketing directors or an editor or a publicist who has dozens of other books to worry about. You have complete control over your book. But you also get stuck doing everything.

Self-publishing your work also gives you the advantage of speed. Big publishing houses typically take from one to three years or longer to get a book out. A self-publisher can do it in a fraction of that time. 

And companies are publishing books, although they have a different motivation. A book can be a calling card for businesses and freelancers. It provides a great first introduction to their products and services.

Ardith Publishing does turnkey publishing for many writers and professionals who write books to position themselves as the leaders in their industries. Publishing books also gives these individuals a way to attract media attention. Once they’ve written books, they are seen as experts.

If your venture blossoms and you can start publishing others’ work, you have fresh opportunities to join the growing small press movement bringing deserving writers to the public’s attention.

Self-publishing can be the springboard to contracts with traditional publishers who were afraid to gamble on unknown authors before. Once your book’s marketability has been proven, they will be eager to take it off your hands.

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