Be vigilant. Very vigilant. 

Now that you are done with your book, and you are considering using a self-publishing company, you have to ask a few questions. You need to find these things out before you make use of them.

What royalties will you earn?

You must ask your self-publishing company what amount of royalties that you will receive. You need to know. Generally, self-publishing companies tend to offer a higher royalty, compared to traditional publishers. 

It will be easy to calculate the royalties by looking at the retail pricing, pages, as well as trim sizes.

If the self-publishing company refuses to tell you how much royalties you should expect, there is a good chance that it is an unscrupulous organization. Run for your life. You want a transparent, self-publishing company.

Is the agreement exclusive or non-exclusive?

It is crucial that you don’t offer a self-publishing company any exclusive right to your work. Find out about this. Ask them and read their terms and conditions well before you sign anything.

They are different from traditional publishers and do not deserve to have exclusive rights. If you find a self-publishing platform that expects this from you, run for your life. Look at your contract. It is easy to tell if a company is reputable or not by how their contract is handled. You want to work with a transparent self-publishing company.

What is the lowest retail price you may set for your book?

The editing matters. The design matters. The print quality matters. All these won’t matter if your work isn’t priced competitively. Pricing matters. 

One of the reasons some self-published books do not sell is that they have set the price of the book too high. If you set your book price too high, you may have few people buying it or none at all. People would ask themselves why they should buy yours when they can buy another book for a lower price. You want a moderately priced book that a lot of people want to buy. Otherwise only your family and friends will buy your book.

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