There are a lot of reasons people decide to self-publish.

One reason is financial. They recognize that there are potentially greater returns if you do it yourself. There are hundreds of authors who have sold millions of copies of their books. Some have turned their self-publishing into full-fledged independent publishing companies. Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of this is David Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber. He has sold millions of copies around the world of his remarkable personal finance book. 

Others do it because their writing has significant literary value. As traditional book publishers become more and more preoccupied with celebrity books and sure bets, good literary writers turn more and more to self-publishing. Here, they find an outlet for their novels, poetry, and literary nonfiction.

These writers are about making money. They need to see their work in print and be able to hold it in their hands. Some writers have spent many disheartening years submitting manuscripts and having them returned, cutting and rewriting and sending again, vainly trying to please a distant editor, any editor.

Often, those few who are able to sell their work find their books get whittled down and changed beyond recognition. Even more frustrated are those with a strong belief in their work, who have not been willing to alter it and have thus found themselves without a publisher. 

Other writers want to share their experiences, knowledge and feelings with generations to come.

And others are the more creative artists or poets whose work is too innovative to be appreciated by the regular markets.

Some people and organizations publish to espouse causes they feel strongly about. Many alternative publishers use their books to promote political views or to address specific issues.

Your book can affect the lives of thousands, maybe even millions, of people. You have the opportunity to influence the thoughts and actions of your readers. You can sow the seeds of hope to motivate, entertain, or inform. Your words are preserved for the future.

To some, self-publishing is simply fun. They are like a kid with a new toy. And, some end up making money, too.

Another rarely admitted reason for producing a book is for ego gratification. It is very satisfying to see your name emblazoned on the cover of a book. And your friends and associates immediately regard you as a celebrity.

For others, publishing your book can be a springboard to other revenue-generating activities. It can be used as a marketing tool for their companies or used to improve their careers. 

Many authors discover they can command paid lecturing jobs and seminar programs open to them once they’ve established their expertise in their books. It opens media doors and makes them into newsmakers.

These are just some of the reasons writers publish with Ardith.

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