I have been working in publishing for decades. One of the unfailing truths I hear from writers is that self-publishing companies suck. Long ago, I promised not to perpetuate the problems created by most self-publishing companies.

One of the biggest problems is the packaging of self-publishing services. Many places put together packages that cost thousands of dollars. Not only are these things overpriced, but they also contain a lot of stuff writers don’t use or don’t need.

Maybe you don’t need the editing work. You have that covered. Or you don’t need 100 copies of the first printing. You only need 20 copies.

Every book is unique. Every book needs to be edited, and every book needs to be designed.
And not every book needs to be shoehorned into expense and elaborate publishing package.

I wanted to strip all useless stuff away.

Large multinational corporations own many self-publishing companies. Those corporations require a certain amount of profit which pays for CEO salaries, expensive office space and legal fees related to defending against a lawsuit lodged by their former clients. Is that what you want your money to be used for?

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