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If you have any questions or need any help publishing your book, call Ardith toll-free at 1-877-288-0114

Book Editing Services


Even the most meticulous of authors and editors can make mistakes. We recommend a thorough proofread before your book is produced.

Proofreading 2¢ per word (minimum $75)


Spelling (we’re fluent in US, British, and Canadian spelling), grammar, word usage, consistency, and accuracy: all these things go a long way to making a professional book that’s easy and pleasant to read.

Copyediting 3¢ per word (minimum $75)

Substantive Editing

Plot, characters, structure, writing style, and reading level: Ardith editors can advise on all these elements and more, making your words say exactly what you want them to say.

Substantive editing 4¢ per word (minimum $100)


A good index makes your book user-friendly and easy to navigate. We recommend that you use one of Ardith’s professional indexers to create a unique guide to your non-fiction book.

Indexing 15¢ per word (minimum $75)

Manuscript Evaluation

Our experienced editors will give you an honest, thorough evaluation of your manuscript, presenting you with a written report outlining any further work it needs and telling you the truth about its commercial potential.

Manuscript evaluation $200 (150 pages, $12 per 10 additional pages)

Book Cover Copywriting

We’ll help you polish the copy on your book cover until it glows. First impressions are important, and we know how to grab a buyer’s attention.

Book cover copywriting $150


Ardith will help you publish your book even if you’re not a writer. If you have a story you want to tell, we’ll find a compatible writer to work with you.

Ghostwriting $250 for sample; $40 per hour plus quote

Research and Fact-checking

Whatever factual information your book needs—historical details, local colour, technical information—Ardith will connect you with an experienced, knowledgeable researcher to make sure you get it right.

Research and fact-checking $40 per hour

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