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We help authors with whatever they need to self publish a book:  editing, marketing, design, printing, or distribution.  1-888-867-2515

Self Publishing Package

Our most popular package gives you everything you need to get published for $299. Everything you need to get your book ready to publish: cover and interior design, ISBN, copyright, and free ebook conversion.

Popular packages for self-publishers

We have a lot of services for writers, but these are the three most popular.

Self Publishing Package

We will design both the interior and cover of your book, and create an ebook edition. Just $299


We will create an ebook from your files either Kindle or iBook formats. $99

Author Website

We will build you a simple website that highlights your book and your writing. $99

Hello, I am Mike O'Connor

I’m the publisher of Ardith Publishing. Ardith Publishing helps writers. I have been working in publishing for more than 25 years. Anything you need to become a published writer and achieve your goals, we can help you do it. 

Free Consultation: Toll free: 1-888-867-2515 Text: (226) 984-8473 Email:

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Free Consultation? 1-888-867-2515

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What our customers say about Ardith Publishing


Ardith has been a great help from start to finish. The team I worked with was receptive to everything that I want and gave me amazing feedback. Ardith did a fantastic job with the book cover design. I’m just so glad that I decided to go with you on this massive journey.

Keaton Donnelly

Hamilton, Ontario

Ardith took all my creativity (and my concerns about publishing) and packaged them up into a straightforward solution. I will be back for their help with my next book! Mike is a star!!

Serena Osborne

Vancouver, BC

Ardith Publishing was a fantastic fit for me. Their whole team was professional and made it enjoyable for me to publish my first children's book. They were patient with my thousands of questions about the publishing process.

My editor was amazing! I was guided through each step. My experience far exceeded my expectations.

Meghan David

London, Ontario

Mike was always available to work through any concerns, and he managed the project professionally and promptly. He was also an excellent resource to get one's marketing plan together. I would highly recommend his service. The overall experience was brilliant. You'll feel that you are part of the Ardith family right from the start, and the positive energy from their company is inspiring.

Natalie Buchanan

Windsor, Ontario

As a first-time author, I didn't know how to publish a book. In my search for a self-publishing company, I came across Ardith, who quickly proved their value. They guided me through every step with confidence that made the process very pleasant. My editor was invaluable; correcting, suggesting, trimming — all the while enthusiastically affirming the story I was unfolding. I am excited to have arrived at this point I thought unreachable a year ago.

Miles Norris

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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