Writing an outline: The roadmap to your non-fiction book

Without thinking extensively or sweating much, write out your first pass of a list of things you will cover to support your big idea: how you will approach the idea, what will your reader need to know to see the problem, what will they need to know to answer the problem. A healthy list will probably …

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What is an author’s platform?

An author’s platform can be challenging to define because they come in many different shapes and sizes. But platforms often contain four elements: ▪ Visibility. This answers questions like: Who knows you? Who is aware of your work? Where does your work regularly appear? How many people see it? What communities are you a part …

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Why self-publishing sucks

I have been working in publishing for decades. One of the unfailing truths I hear from writers is that self-publishing companies suck. Long ago, I promised not to perpetuate the problems created by most self-publishing companies. One of the biggest problems is the packaging of self-publishing services. Many places put together packages that cost thousands …

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The importance of an author’s platform

The importance of creating a platform that promotes you and your work can’t be underestimated. You should be thinking about it before you write your manuscript-and even before deciding onwhat you’ll write.What is an author platform? It describes how your audience is known, liked, and trusted. It includes your writing credits, online presence, public speaking, …

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