The importance of an author’s platform

The importance of creating a platform that promotes you and your work can’t be underestimated. You should be thinking about it before you write your manuscript-and even before deciding onwhat you’ll write.What is an author platform? It describes how your audience is known, liked, and trusted. It includes your writing credits, online presence, public speaking, …

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Piracy vs. Obscurity. The writer’s dilemma

Many new writers I talk to are worried about having their ideas stolen. I explain copyright law and steps they can take to ensure they are protected, but they are terrified of piracy. Somebody is taking their whole work and selling it in a faraway market unbeknownst to them.Piracy does happen. People might steal your …

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All writers need an editor

Your manuscript is finally written, but you are not done. It needs to be edited. The best writers can benefit from editors. Editing is a unique skill the average author doesn’t perform well. And since, despite their expertise, editors are notoriously poorly paid, the expense of getting professional help for your work won’t usually be …

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Marketability and publishing

Becoming a self-publisher means you will be going into business. The first and most important step any businessperson takes is to decide what product or service to offer customers. Some kinds of writing hold more promise for commercial success than others. You may dream of publishing a book of poetry, or novel, or telling your …

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The four stages of self-editing for fiction writers

As of 2018, the rate of book publishing in the United States surpassed 1 million per year. With that type of competition, anyone who desires to earn a living with a fiction writer needs to do something considerable to differentiate themselves from the masses of other hopefuls. Trade publishers still exist and provide the necessary …

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Why Self-publish?

There are a lot of reasons people decide to self-publish. One reason is financial. They recognize that there are potentially greater returns if you do it yourself. There are hundreds of authors who have sold millions of copies of their books. Some have turned their self-publishing into full-fledged independent publishing companies. Perhaps one of the most …

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