For fast results in the highest degree of professionalism, nothing beats hiring an expert for your self-published book promotion. However, to complement your premium services, free book marketing techniques can add extra oomph to your overall strategy. These seven methods will help you get the word out, create buzz, and make sales without spending a dime.

1 – Write More Books

According to publishing industry statistics, the best way to increase your overall self-published book sales is to write more books. After all, readers will have a higher chance of finding you and more interest in reading one book if they know another one is coming after it. This is especially true for series.

2 – Get Active on Social Media

It does not cost anything to connect with readers and other people on social media. Do not spam advertisements for your book. This is more annoying than helpful. Instead, get involved with communities that talk about writing, reading, your genre, and other topics of specific interest.

3 – Use Book Back Matter Effectively

After “The End” in your paperback or e-book, you have the opportunity to include back matter that makes a difference for marketing. This should include mention of your website, social media, a request for reviews, and information about other books you have published. One great marketing technique to increase buy-through for series is to give a teaser or a free chapter at the end.

4 – Websites, Blogs, and Search Engine Optimization

Building an author brand platform includes more marketing than simply writing books and mentioning them on your Instagram or Facebook page. Creating a professional website and high quality, regularly updated blog with optimized content helps you attract organic traffic and readers. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves both content creation and linking strategies to get more attention on your platform.

5 – In-Person Events, Sales, and Book Signings

In most cases, personal appearances and book signings are free for you to participate in. Of course, you have to approach bookstores or other venues for permission and scheduling information. If you do opt for these hands-on events, make sure you have plenty of copies of your book to sell, swag like bookmarks or tote bags to give out, and something interesting to say to attract more attention. While the event itself is a free form of marketing, you will have to purchase author copies and the swag.

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