Sorry for the hiatus from writing here. It certainly not a lack of things to write about, but just being busy.

One of the things I have been working on is helping an elderly writer complete his autobiography. He was able to write nearly half of the book but found it increasingly difficult to maintain his concentration to complete the book. He already had a strong and very detailed outline for the entire book, but he was worried that without help he wouldn’t be able to finish his book. He also didn’t have a lot of money to finish the work either. 

Usually, I would recommend a ghostwriter to work with a writer like this, but this would be outside of his budget. I came up with another way of doing this. I recorded the author as he talked through the book: telling the stories he wants to include, explanations, analogies, and transitions. I then used artificial intelligence to transcribe the recording. I then did a structural edit to connect all the bits and pieces to make them conform to the voice and structure of the first half of the book he has already completed.

It is amazing the progress we have been able to achieve and should have the book completed in the next couple of weeks. This process could be used for a lot of would-be authors who are having problems completing their manuscripts.

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