An author’s platform grows out of your body of work—or from producing great work. Here is a list, not an exhaustive list, but it helps give you an idea of how a platform can grow.

▪ Publishing or distributing good work in outlets you want to be identified with, and your target audience reads.
▪ Producing a body of work on your platform—e.g., blog, e-mail newsletter, social network, podcast, video, digital downloads, etc.—that gathers quality followers. This is usually a long-term process.
▪ Speaking at or attending events where you meet people and extend your network.
▪ Finding ways to engage with and develop your target audience through online marketing/promotion, content, events, etc.
▪ Partnering with other writers to tackle a new project and extend your visibility.

Not for everyone

Platform building is an organic process and is different for every author. There is no checklist for developing a platform because it depends on three things:

▪   your unique story or message
▪   your qualities and strengths
▪   your target audience

Your platform can be as much of a creative exercise and as your writing. While a platform can give you the power to market effectively, it’s not something you develop by shouting “Follow me” on Twitter or “Like me!” on Facebook a few times a week. Use your imagination, and take meaningful steps. It’ll be a long journey, but Ardith can help you throughout that trip.

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