One of the many platforms one can use today is email. Why, you might ask. The reason is that email is the number one way you can build a good relationship with your subscribers, a relationship that can later be profitable. And you own the list, unlike anything you put on a social platform like Facebook.

Below are different ways you can build your relationship with your subscribers.

1. Introduction 

Before you proceed, your first few emails must be about you, your services, and the experience you might have had. Take the time to talk about your products individually. Talk about their uses, their components, etc. These things would get you the right attention and also give you a profitable relationship with your subscribers who can later turn to your customers. The same way you would introduce yourself to someone you just met physically, that’s the format you should follow when sending an email.

2. Talk to them 

During your discussion with your subscribers, try to discover what they might want or need. You should do this before you even start sending tips. This would help you know how you can talk about your product more. One way you can get to know what they might want is through surveys, polls, and the likes. Then you would know to go about advertising your business.

3. Be considerate 

Your subscribers are not your ticket to becoming rich. They are people just like you. Treat them the same way you would treat your family members or your friends. This would help you build a good relationship with them. They would view you as being trustworthy and as someone who cares about them. You can also send out helpful tips about your product, guiding them on which product to pick. You can also surprise them, though in a few discounts from time to time or an exclusive offer. These things would help keep your subscribers interested and would also help keep things fun.

4. Communicate regularly 

Show your subscribers that you care about them. Don’t just send them a message once in a month or after a few months. That would not be helpful. Instead, communicate with them regularly. Try and build a solid friendship with them. However, know when to strike a balance. Sending a message everyday to them could get annoying. It could even drive them from your page and make them unsubscribe.

5. Feedback

After you have sold your product, ask your subscribers what they think about it and if they feel you can improve. You can do this through a survey. Ask for their input regularly. You can also ask for suggestions and invite them to talk about other measures they might have taken in the past.

Try these following steps and watch as your subscribers grow. You would get loyal subscribers!

Phil and Terry were happy to be reunited and excited by the prospect what they would do with their newsletter.

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