John’s Marx Brothers’ blog was a huge success and wanted to take it to the next level.

Every writer would agree with me that writing a book is hectic and stressful. Even if you have written hundreds of books before, the process of starting a new book can be tiring mentally. You might also have writers’ block, which can be frustrating. Well, there’s a new trend. Turning your blog into a book. You might wonder though, how would I get as many readers as I do on my blog. You would be guided on ways you can turn your blog readers to your book readers.

Get all your contents in one place 

Your blog posts that are relevant and that got more views or gave you more traffic on your blog should be in one place. They can form the main body of your book. Put them all in a file and then go through them one by one. The advantage of using a blog post that is well known by your readers is that they would read it if it gets turned to a book. This is because they obviously enjoyed the post and so they would want more contents like that.

Pick what would fit

Going through your most relevant blog posts, pick what would flow with what you have in mind to write. It might surprise you that out of the many blog posts you might have picked. You might see a few that would fit in what you want. You might have chosen 20 posts, and out of the 20, you might only like 4 or 5. Do not be disappointed, though. It usually happens. All these would help make the perfect book that would gain the attention of your blog readers.

Make announcements 

You decide to make a book out of your blog, tell your readers. Don’t do it once or twice. Make sure it’s regular. You can put talk about it after you upload a post. Telling them if your plan to release a book soon and how you would like them to read it. Make sure the book looks appealing to your readers and the general public at large. You can even give your blog readers a discount. This can be helpful.

Get a good editor 

Writing your book, you need an experienced editor who would help you carefully edit your book. No one likes a book that looks messy or a book with many grammar errors. If your book is well-edited, it would also help you get the attention of both your blog readers and the public.

These are just a few ways you can turn your blog readers into your book readers. Ardith Publishing can help you create the book you have always dreamed of.  

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