Many people want to write a book but say they can’t find the time or are waiting for a time to write. Sadly, the time to write doesn’t magically appear. You have to make time, and it can be a time-consuming process.

Waiting for the “right” time also creates a block in your mind, and your book never gets written.

Some people believe you need the perfect space and that you can’t do it where you are. But you write about real life, so you have to be in real life to make it in words. That perfect time may never come, so start where you are, one little bit at a time.

In Stephen King’s On Writing, he writes about when he was working in a commercial laundry, and his wife was working a second shift at a donut shop while they tried to raise two kids in a small apartment. In the evenings, he would shut himself away in the laundry room, sit on the dryer and write so that he would have a little time to himself. It is far from an ideal situation, but he started his career.

I would highly recommend King’s On Writing for all writers. It is an excellent book about the writing life.

So, how do you get time to write? Here are a few suggestions:

• Wake up an hour earlier and write before you have started your day.
• Write on your commute to work. If you drive to work, buy a voice recorder or use your phone to record your ideas.
• Instead of watching TV in the evening, write.
• Write when you send your kids off to sports or other activities.
• If you have the money, hire a cleaner instead of doing your household chores and write while they clean.
• During your lunch hours at work, write while you eat. Maybe try to reschedule your work for four days in the office and the fifth day you can write at home.

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