Lenny had the same nagging feeling again that he was missing out on media attention he so rightly deserved.

Nearly every author I have ever met could use a publicist. A publicist can open a lot of doors and use their network to promote a book. However, the cost of a publicist can be prohibitive for most writers. Ardith has a number of inexpensive solutions to help authors and we can come up with a custom plan to fit your budget, but there are also ways to do it yourself. Here are few ways you can generate media attention in your book.

1.  Make sure your message clear

When you are sending out your message, make sure your point is clear. Don’t go off point or start needless arguments. Don’t start talking about things that are not related to your point. Also, make sure you keep repeating your point. For example, you can talk about parts of your book that can be appealing to your audience. You can do that regularly, and before you know it, you can get the attention you need. 

2.  Have a period of time in mind for the advertisement for your book

Before you put your book out, make sure you have set a timeframe. Decide how long you want to advertise your book and make sure you stick to it.

3.  Find the right journalists/reviewers

Make sure you do your research before approaching journalists and reviewers. You can make a list, choose the ones cover similar topics to your book. Trying to convince a sports reporter to do something with your business will get you nowhere. Make sure that the media person you approach will genuinely be interested in your book.

4.  Write a press release 

Make sure your press release sends contains the key points of your book. 

5.  Post your press release on newswires.

Newswires are designed to get your information to reporters who might be interested in your book. This can be that extra push your book might need.

6.  Pick an embargo date

An embargo is a selected date and time for when your book would be published. This can help generate interest to the public.

7.  Make sure you take photos and videos.

You might be asked for photos and video to go along with the information you are to put out. This is another opportunity to promote your book.

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