There are writers who write because they can’t stop writing; they love to write. And they aren’t necessarily that concerned about who will read or how to promote their work. For everyone else, we have to think about how we’re going to get our work into the hands of readers. If you’re a writer who self publishes, you will probably need to target as broad an audience as possible. 

In this regard, you need to learn a few powerful book promotion ideas. These ideas will help to improve the visibility of your book and help you sell more books than you used to.

Here they are:

You need to have your website or blog: That’s the first step in aiming for success. Having your own website or blog helps to increase your target audience with the right visibility. You should try as much as possible to keep your site busy with updated content and articles. Always post quality content material; this will enable your audience to subscribe to all your updates.

Learn from popular books in your category: You need to know what makes these books sell. What makes them very popular? How is their typography? Cover design, title, and so on. You need to know what works for your genre. When you have finally discovered, you should put it to work by applying it in your books.

Be constant on your social media: If you’ve been dormant on your social media pages, now is the time to be active, as social media helps in promotion. Since lots of people use social media, it would be easy for you to get to your target audience. Be sure to increase your amount of followers, and engage them better. We can help you with building up your presence.

Your online presence matters: You can affiliate with sites that get a lot of traffic, by posting your articles there. You can also ask for your work to be a feature on a guest blog or website.

Get a professional cover design: I can help you in this regard, as book cover designing is one of the unique services I offer. I will help give your book that professional look it needs. Having a professional book cover design helps to increase the salability of your book.

Use a book blurb that will attract readers: What’s a book blurb? It is that descriptive piece of information about your book, usually promotional. It appears on your online sales page. It seeks to grab your reader’s attention and spark curiosity. You need to use compelling words when making up your book blurb.

Amazon’s promotional tools: You could also use the programs and tools Amazon has made available to aid in the promotion of books.

Finally, as a self-publisher, promoting your book is what you need to do. You need to get inspiration, ideas, and advice from anywhere possible, or any source.

I am not saying I can guarantee the success of your book, but I can help, giving you the support you need to reach your goals.

Good luck! 

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