A Song With No Words



Something is wrong with Christopher Lucan. At the height of his career, the musician’s songwriting, always so fresh and profound, now seems incomplete and confusing.  Furthermore his performances on stage have suddenly deteriorated with wrong notes, jumbled song introductions, and out-of-tune singing.

A Song With No Words follows the descending chronology of a folk singer’s final tour from the contrasting vantage points of each of his band mates, leading the reader from the congenial surroundings of concert halls, and coffeehouses to a much darker world that had been lurking unexpected in the shadows of each and every show.

Rob Ritchie is a writer and musician who resides in Wiarton, Ontario. For years he was a keyboard player and contributing songwriter for the group Tanglefoot. Rob continues to perform, playing with Ontario bands RPR, Harp & Holly and Midnight Blue. A Song With No Words is Rob’s third novel.


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