Woofgang Puck was confident in his SEO strategies, but couldn’t remember where he had left his favourite stick. Once again his career achievements were tarnished by domestic mismanagement.

Self-help books are the that are written for the benefit of people to educate them on how to save their various personal problems. An example of a self-help book is How to Win Friends and Influence People, published in 1936 and written by Dale Carnegie. 

Today, many people are still very much interested in this book. This book still appears on Amazon’s top 30 business books and close to 16 million copies of the book have been sold.

A self-help book is written for the investigation of problems and the provision of a practical and helpful solution. There are SEO advantages to publishing self-help books.

There are colossal SEO advantages of publishing self-help books

A huge advantage that results from publishing a self-help book is that it will become easily discoverable on search engines.

Since the themes of self-help books can be defined so easily, the themes or titles of the self-help books can be easily found on search engines, websites, social media, and the likes.

Easy discoverability

For instance, you have written an eBook that has to do with swimming, and you titled it “ways of improving your swimming skills.” If you search the title on Google, many results will come out.

But by the time you scroll to the last result of the search, what you will see is SEO gold. 

You will find popular keywords that you can include on your website.

Making use of the suggested keywords by Google will help to attract more traffic on your website and also increase your potential customers. 

To answer a question

One primary reason why a lot of people make use of the internet is to get their questions about a particular topic. This makes it a big advantage of publishing self-help books.

Let us use the example of swimming skills, which I mentioned earlier. When a person makes use of the search engine to ask, “how can I improve my swimming skills? “, no search engine can be able to distinguish between phrases and questions. So, how can I improve my swimming skills and how I can improve my swimming skills are almost similar. Thus, the suggested keywords by Google result in returning answers for questions that are related.

Short write-up

Self-help books tend to be short, and this makes proofreading and editing so fast and easy. 

To succeed, all you have to do is to write up a useful book and use SEO to attract buyers. 

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