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Most popular packages

Self Publishing Package — SUMMER SALE $199

This package is a good choice for authors who have a completed manuscript and want to use one of our templates to design a four-colour cover and the interior page layout for the book.

The package includes:

• Paperback or hardcover formatting

• Choice of predesigned page and cover layouts

• Production of Kindle Ebook

• Your own Ardith representative to assist you in the book design and publishing process

• Assignment of ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

You will be provided with digital proofs of your book at every stage of production.

Audiobook Package — $299

This package is a good choice for authors who have recorded their book and want it edited and readied for distribution. This includes editing for 120 minutes of recording time. 

The package includes:

  • Removal of mistakes, long pauses;
  • Creating consistent audio levels;
  • Removal of any mic pops, mouth clicks, loud breaths and other unpleasant sounds;
  • Mastering the audio and converting the files to meet ACX / Audible requirements.

If you do not have a recording or your work, we can arrange for professional voice actors to record your work for an additional charge. 

Author Wesbite Package — $99

This is a great package of authors who want to create an attractive, clean and simple website which promotes their writing and their books.

This package includes:

• Two to four page website;

• Royalty free images appropriate to the website's design and content;

• Set up basic analytical analysis of site traffic;

• Basic search engine optimization;

• Site hosting is an add-on expense;

• Domain is an add-on expense;

• Link the site to author's social media accounts.

We can also add a blog and bookstore function to the author website as well.

Printing Services

Ardith offers a number of printing options. We print hard cover, paperback. We print novels, children’s books, textbooks and more.

We try to bring the lowest rates possible without compromising quality.

Here are a few examples books we printed and costs.

  • Paperback, black and white interior, 6” x 9”, 224 pages: $8.42 per copy
  • Paperback, black and white interior, 5” x 8”, 88 pages: $4.67 per copy
  • Paperback, colour interior, 8” x 8”, 24 pages, $8.86 per copy
  • Hard cover, black and white interior, 6” x 9”, with jacket, 188 pages, $15.56 per copy

For an estimate on printing your book contact us.

Editing services

  • Proofreading

    Even the most meticulous of authors and editors can make mistakes. We recommend a thorough proofread before your book is produced. 1¢/word

  • Copyediting

    Spelling (we’re fluent in US, British, and Canadian spelling), grammar, word usage, consistency, and accuracy: all these things go a long way to making a professional book that’s easy and pleasant to read. 2¢/word

  • Substantive Editing

    Plot, characters, structure, writing style, and reading level: Ardith editors can advise on all these elements and more, making your words say exactly what you want them to say. 3¢/word

  • Manuscript Evaluation

    Our experienced editors will give you an honest, thorough evaluation of your manuscript, presenting you with a written report outlining any further work it needs and telling you the truth about its commercial potential. Manuscript evaluation  (150 pages, $12 per 10 additional pages) $199

Marketing services

  • Press Release

    A professional, well-written press release will attract the right kind of media attention for your book. $99

  • Press Release Distribution

    We will distribute your press release to our list of outlets or to our list of specialist or niche reviewers. Distribute press release to 100 media outlets (radio & TV stations, newspapers, magazines, literary journals, websites) $350.

  • Email Campaign

    Send electronic press releases to our list of influential reviewers or to our list of specialist or niche reviewers. $99

  • Electronic Media Kit

    An electronic file containing a press release, author photo, excerpt from your book, a ready-to-run review of the book, and interview, which can be sent to reviewers, editors, and producers. $99

  • Book Distribution Service

    Through our print-on-demand partners, we can ensure your book never goes out of print and is available for sale to all bookstores, both online and bricks and mortar. When an order comes in, the books are printed and shipped to the customer without you having to lift a finger. It is $99 per year to maintain the file, and authors receive 40% royalties on each net sale. Contact Ardith for more information. $99

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