Sarah Jessica Barker was so much happier not reading her reviews in the New Yorker, but Butterball (in the background) still felt compelled to read the reviews about his work.

This is something that we advise our writers. Reading your reviews may come with some benefits, but you shouldn’t.

Their opinions are subjective

First of all, this is the fundamental truth. The best books are known to have some poor reviews. Not everyone will like your book. It is essential to know this. They may have different reasons for not liking your book. It may be because it is not to their taste. Not everyone likes, let’s say, romance novels. For someone that doesn’t, if he reads a romance novel, there is an excellent chance that he will give a poor review. Some give poor reviews because they were angry at that time. The frame of mind of the reviewer will heavily influence the review. They may feel that you are a better writer than they are, or they may think that you would overtake their favourite writer if they give you a good review.

Some may not like the ending. Why should it have ended this way? Why didn’t it end another way? Don’t kill yourself if you see a poor review amongst good ones. See if you can learn anything from it. If there isn’t, forget it. Under no circumstance should you reply or attack someone who gave your book a poor review.

The Reviews Are About The Books And Not You

I have seen writers become depressed when they got bad reviews. Their self-confidence plummets, and before you know it, they are battling with depression. They feel that the reviews are about them as a person. They tend to forget that the reviews are about their books. When some writers see reviews like, ‘Your book is trash,’ ‘What the hell did I just read?’, They feel that the reviews are about their lives. They feel that the reviews mean that they, as humans, are trash, and should give up writing. 

Some reviews may be so harsh that you may wonder if the person that wrote it down is just evil. But don’t let it get to you. The review is about the book, and not you as a person.

The Best Reviews May Not Come With 5-Star

With the way the world is, people are becoming more suspicious of things, especially the 5-star rating. They feel that 5-star can only be given when you use paid review services, or your parents and friends write the reviews. These reviews make them suspicious of your work. People tend to believe that a book is genuinely good when it rakes in a review that orbits between 4-star and 5-star.

Reviews Should Be Taken As The Truth

We all want to get feedback about our books. When you see the reviews, please don’t see it as the pure truth. They are subjective. There are grey areas here.

Whatever you do, you need a self-publishing company that will be with you throughout. You need a company which will care about you and your book. We would love to help you with your next book.

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