Everyone is looking for help creating, publishing and marketing their e-books. Here are ten tips for autopilot e-book marketing. They will help make your books sell faster and expand your platform, and give you more time to write.

  1. Give detail about the author: Always include a little biography of yourself in your book and more than “… lives and writes in Toronto.” Be sure to include any other books the author has written in the biography.
  2. A reading group discussion guide: A reading group discussion guide helps. At the end of your book, you may include a discussion group, where readers of the same book discuss the novel. Include information about themes and characters as well as the writing process in the guide.
  3. Include a free book: Everyone loves free stuff; your readers would appreciate it if you include a free book. You should know that a free e-book gets thrice as many downloads than the ones that cost money. You could use this as a strategy to capture the attention of first-time readers of your work.
  4. Release your e-book with a pre-order: This will help your e-book marketing, as pre-order aids in the effective marketing of e-books.
  5. Include a sample chapter from another book: I’m sure you would very much love consistent readers. At the end of each book, include a sample chapter from another book you have written. Help your readers find their next exciting read.
  6. Chapter swap: You can choose an author from the same genre or category as you are and swap sample chapters. However, you need to do this chapter swap with quality writers who are targeting the same kind of readership as you.
  7. Multiple pricing: Most readers think the cheaper a book is, the worse the quality is. To avoid this, you can put up various pricing options for your readers to select from.
  8. Get a professional editor: I can help you with this service, as this is part of my specialty. I could help you edit your books in such a way that your reader’s attention will be captured.
  9. Navigation to e-books: As a good marketing strategy, you need to get enhanced navigation to your e-books.
  10. Partner with beta readers: A beta reader is one who will read your book before publication. They’ll give you feedback and other comments that would guide you in the release of your book. Your beta readers can also be the first people to review your book, as well. When you do this, your book has a higher chance of selling. I can help you do this, too.

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