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The success of any self-published book frequently comes down to the quality of your marketing strategy. Although there are many possible actions to take that help promote your book, a press kit or media kit is the foundation of many of them. If you want to get your novel or non-fiction book in front of readers who are already interested in what you have to say, using a strategically crafted kit of marketing materials makes sense.

What Is a Digital Press Kit?

A digital press kit created by a professional self-publishing assistant firm consists of an electronic file that contains specific pieces of marketing material that can help with a variety of actions that get your book in front of readers. It may consist of a professionally written press release, and attractive author photo, and editorial review of the book in question, an author interview, and some powerful excerpts from your book itself.

Although other elements and pieces of content may be included in a press kit for self-published authors, these represent the basics that can be used in a variety of ways to help you advertise effectively.

How Can Writers Use a Press Kit for Promotion? 

Once you have these pieces of information and media gathered together, you have to do things with them in order to get the benefits that help you succeed as a self-published writer. The parts of a press kit can be used in conjunction with each other or separately for different purposes.

Press releases are sent to publications, announcement websites, local newspapers, and more. They can also be used in newsletters or as content on your own website. Your author photo may go on the back cover of your book, your social media pages, and be used in conjunction with press releases and other marketing materials. Excerpts from your book make excellent social media posts and give attention-driving teasers to your target audience.

A digital press kit provides so many opportunities for marketing power that it really does not make sense to go forward without one. These are the things that get people interested not only in the specific book you just published but also in you. Since your author name, whether it is your legal name or a pseudonym, is your brand, it makes sense to get attention for it in all the right ways.

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