Reginald was a rather happy go lucky kind of fellow despite all appearances to the contrary.

As a writer, there is a good chance that you may be focusing on things that may be doing more harm than good. I have seen writers lose their confidence because they decided to focus on these things. Calm down.


The truth is that it is important to have reviews from reputable sites. This doesn’t mean that you should kill yourself about it. Far from it. It would be best if you only focused on getting good reviews from reputable places. Don’t use paid services that claim to offer good reviews.

Things may go wrong with this. If your readers realize that you used a paid service for your reviews, it could lead you to a whole new problem. You want to look good in the right way.

An excellent way to get reviews in giving free books to a few readers, so they can read the books, and write reviews. You can also create a newsletter list that allows you to send your books to your fans to get a review. 

Reviews help to sell books, but they do more than that. They allow you to grow as a writer. You can easily tell where you need to improve. 


Writers fear critics. They dread them. Should you ignore them? Listening to them or reading their words can tear you into shreds, and you don’t deserve that. The truth is that some critics derive joy in tearing artists down. Ignore those that are envious and saying vile things.

Please don’t listen to what they are saying. Many of them feel the harsher words they write, the better a critic they are.


People exchange the manuscripts, in a bid to get corrections and feedback. You should go and jump into a river when you don’t get the needed reviews that you crave for. You may want to be praised, wanting them to tell you how good your work is.

Do you want the truth or not? Listen to what they have to say, without taking it to heart. Sometimes, they may say things out of jealousy. Other times, they may tell the truth. Sift out what you feel is true and use it to your advantage. Don’t overthink it.

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