If you have gone through the trouble of writing a book, you deserve the best publishing opportunity possible. It takes a lot of time and creative energy to craft a novel or non-fiction book to high standards. If you opt for traditional publishing, the process becomes much more complex and can take years to get your book up for sale. Luckily, self-publishing has created vast opportunities for writers who want to bring their work to readers in the best way possible.

Self-publishing Is Faster

Did you know it could take a traditional publishing house up to a year to even accept or reject your manuscript? Then, if they do pick yours out of the thousands they receive regularly, it can take another year or two to publish it. Self-publishing can be done in mere days after you prepare your book for the reading public. Of course, you still have to go through all the necessary steps of formatting the manuscript, editing, and putting the product altogether. With the help of a professional team of experts, this does not take very long, either.

Self-publishing Is Accessible

You do not have to have contacts in the publishing industry, advanced degrees, or other unique characteristics to self-publish your book. There are no gatekeepers with prejudices of their own who tried to keep you away from your dream of being an author. The accessibility afforded to people from all walks of life and locations around the globe is one of the best things about self-publishing.

Self-publishing Increases Earning Power

Platforms like Amazon that allow you to self-publish your book have a set earning structure that gives you a certain percentage of royalties whenever one of your stories sell. You get all the money coming to you without anyone else taking a piece of your profits. With traditional publishing, the percentage is usually less and get eaten away more if you have an agent claiming part of it.

Self-publishing simply makes it easier to become a professional author. Whether you write novellas or novels full of adventure, romance, and intrigue or non-fiction books laden with important information for a target audience, your opportunity to succeed increases. Get it done more quickly, without roadblocks, and in a way that allows you to potentially make more money when you self-publish.

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