Should you self-publish your book or seek a traditional publisher? You aren’t the only one asking this question. Here are three reasons to self-publish.

1. You can create your timeline.

Pursuing a traditional publisher can be difficult. You have to follow their timeline, which may not end up being feasible. To survive in the world of traditional publishing, you must have patience. You will have to spend a long time, querying agents and editors. In a lot of cases, they don’t bother to reply.

If you are lucky, you may get an agent. The agent will have to get a publisher that is interested in your work. This can take a long time. Once the work has been accepted, the publishing house will likely take a year or even more before they publish the work. The publishing deal or contract may be cancelled at any time. And one would think that for going through all these stress, you will get a big cheque at the end end of the day. Probably not, though. 

Why should you go all through this, when there is a better option? With self-publishing, it is far easier to get published.

2. When You Self Publish, You Can Control Your Story.

When you publish with a traditional publisher, you have little or no control over the publishing process, especially the editing of your book. 

If you use a self-publishing platform, you can decide what you changed and what should remain the same. 

3. Get a higher amount of royalties

When you publish a book with a traditional publisher, you will receive a royalty of about 10 percent. When you self-publish, you decide how much you are going to get paid.

Stanley was concerned about his self publishing options and his nuts.

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