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Sometimes, writers have to battle with writer’s block. When you’re suffering from writer’s block, nothing seems to work. You can’t put two words together much less an entire story. What can you do to get this over with? You should consider writing about yourself or how you want yourself to be. What do you want to be? Write about it. Words flow smoothly when you write about yourself or what you intend to be. Why should you follow this pattern?

It improves pattern recognition

Do you know that good writer tend to steal a leaf out of their lives? They use the characters they see daily? Do they have a grumpy neighbour? They make use of the neighbour’s likeness though they change the name. Do they have a loving friend that continuously has her heartbroken? They make use of the character.

Do they have a wealthy friend that’s a snob? They make use of the person. You have to gather inspiration from those around you and yourself. Did you plan on being a neurosurgeon, and it didn’t work out? Write out how you envisioned the life of a neurosurgeon. If you hit a block, research more. Did you plan on being a lecturer or getting a master’s and you did it? How did it go? You can write about your experience, the people you met, what you saw, what you enjoyed, your regrets and so on. Use your experience and those of around you to create an impressive piece of literature.

It gives you helpful cognitive distance

When you decide to write about yourself as a third person, you tend to see things that you won’t necessarily see when writing in the first person. Studies have shown that turning your experiences into stories is an objective way of looking at your experiences. At this moment, you are acting as a third person that is looking at the life of someone else. It is like watching a movie. When you face difficult situations as a writer, seeing yourself in the third person helps to solve the issue.

It is therapeutic. You tend to gain an insight into what happened to you. The way you see another person is the same way that someone that is writing his or her experience in the third person sees his or her story.

It Helps You To Change The Story of What You Are Experiencing.

As a human, you tend to face some issues that may be annoying or frustrating. You may want to heal, but things don’t seem to be working. Writing the story helps. Many therapists advise their patients to either write their story or paint it?

Do you have a story or a book that you want the world to read? Do you want a large audience? Talk to us today! We will love to hear from you.

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