Englebert was frustrated with the results of his social media marketing plan. Very frustrated.

When writers are publishing a book, they need to look for ways of marketing their books. They want to make sales. They don’t want only their family members and a few friends to read the book. They want more than that. What do writers do that? Many rush to social media, without bothering to come up with a plan. They don’t ask what type of social media they should be on. What audience are they targeting? When they don’t ask these questions, most writers fail on social media, not because social media isn’t great for them. Because they were unable to appeal to their target market.

Social Media

Everyone is on social media. Many companies are on there too, trying to make sales. We have seen startups that started up on social media and grew to become big multinational corporations. They have something in common—they used social media to their advantage.

It is common to see authors have multiple pages on social media. They would have Facebook pages, a public, and a private one. They would be on Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on, yet nothing seems to be working. The fact that you are always posting, asking people to buy your book doesn’t mean they would. 

You have to ask yourself why they should purchase your books. The truth is that people will only buy books that they think are relevant.

What should you do then?

Since you have decided that you want to publish your book and you want to promote it on social media there are a few things you need to know.

Go To Your Target Audience

Start by asking yourself who your target audience is. Where can they be found? And then, frequent those places.

Remain Consistent

Don’t feel angry when the sales aren’t going well. Try and be consistent. If you are promoting your work somewhere that has your target audience, continue promoting it there.

Look at your Competitors

Watch what other authors, especially those who write similar work to yours, do on social media. See who they engage they readers. Do the same as your competitors.

If you need help planning or building your social media presence, we can help at Ardith.

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